Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Winter Vegetables

Possible Borsch Ingredients from Left to Right: Yellow Squash, Cabbage,
I don't know.

Petchka Ash

The ash of the Petchka is dumped onto the street in front of the house, which in the spring makes an improvisational"sandpit" for village children.

Petchkas Permentantly Puffin'

How do you further heat a house with limited insulation in -40 degree weather using a coal stove? Add more coal. During the week long period of "Moroze" the village took on an extra industrial look with the normal cloud that hangs above us darkening a few shades of gray.

Temperature Bottoms out at -46.5 F

Kazakhstan Thermometer with Intervals of 10 C can go as low as -60.